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Our people, processes, and technology make label buying easy.


One Point of Contact - Your Account Manager

Your digital label account manager works in our facility, only 40 feet from the graphics and production area. You can easily reach them via phone or email and they`ll have the expertise and information you!

 The Start Point - Quoting

You need to make a quick decision and get on with your order. We often provide quotes within a couple of hours and almost always within 24 hours. As you prepare graphics, consider that the number of colors does not impact your graphics prep or label cost - just the beginning of our simple approach!

 Minimum Quantities - Order Less

No worries about ordering a minimum quantity of labels. Our minimum order is $ 370.00. This includes graphics preparation (pending graphic file review), PDF or color copy proof, multiple printed colors (or four color process printing), and a quantity of labels no less than 500.

 Get it Right - Proofing

You want quick confirmation that we understand what you expect. We deliver PDF proofs within 24 hours - often within only a few hours. Use your PDF proof as your exclusive proofing method, or select our test print option. To avoid surprises we test print with the press and substrate used for your production labels. Additionally, we can place multiple labels, or varied versions of the same label (sku), within sheeted 12" X 17" frames. This approach offers the ability to preview multiple aesthetic versions while keeping things simple and economical. Per 12" X 17" frame: $ 150.00 plus additional for overnight shipping. Per label color matching to previously printed label/capsule/etc.: Additional $ 50.00 per label/sku.

In Summary - We Make It Easy

We provide our clients responsive, expert guidance throughout the ordering and production process. This translates to a flexible, no surprises experience for you. Contact us and we can help you achieve success!