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We can produce custom printed self-adhesive labels with up to 10 colors for every prime label market including: Meat Labels…Poultry Labels…Seafood Labels…Soup Labels…Fruit Labels and Nut Labels…Pastry Labels…Dairy Product Labels…Salad Dressing Labels…Candy Labels and Cookie Labels…Sandwich Labels and Fast Food Labels…Wine Labels and Soft Drink Labels as well as Bird Food Labels and Fish Food and Care Labels…Animal Treat Labels…Pet Care Labels and Pet Grooming Product Labels, just to name a few.

Functionality is important too. Depending on your needs, we can produce custom printed self-adhesive labels with beautiful graphics on a wide range of label materials. Everything from glossy paper, through the very popular "squeezable" and "no label look" materials. We can also complete your labels with a UV varnish or with a film overlamination for abrasion resistance – and we will make sure your labels can handle temperature variations, moisture resistance, lot/date coding and direct or indirect food contact. All our custom printed labels can be processed for hand application, semi-manual application, semi-automatic application or fully automatic application.

Materials list

Prime Label KC uses many of the industry`s leading material suppliers for a wide range of products from paper, film and non PS stocks.

Materials we print and die-cut on every day are:

  • Hi-gloss, semi-gloss, direct thermal paper and film, thermal transfer paper and film.
  • Foils- gold and silver dull and bright in both film and paper.
  • Non pressure sensitive tags from 5pt. to 125# stock
  • Fluorescent from the mill or we can floodcoat our own to match a sample.
  • Laser and (EDP) Electronic Data Processing paper.

We print and diecut on most films, white and clear, are are available in various thickness of polystyrene.

  • (BOPP) Biactually Oriented Polypropylene
  • Void and Destructible Vinyls
  • Lexan, Kimdura, Tyvek
Speciality Materials

  • Piggyback
  • Coupon Materials
  • Pattern Gum
  • Static Cling

Removable adhesive is designed to remove without leaving an adhesive residue on a wide varity of substrates.

Cold Temp / Freezer
For applications where labels are applied in cold conditions or stored in a freezer.

(AKA) carrier sheet

Liners are range from 40# to 100# in paper and in a flim form for machine applied applications.