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1.   What is your normal lead time?

  -Approximately two weeks after final art approval.   
  -Reorders for existing labels can be shipped sooner if needed. 

2.   What is your minimum order?  
3.   How many colors can you print?

   -Up to 8 
4.   What type(s) of art is required to make a label?

  -Our platemakers work with Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop or 
    high-quality PDF files. 
5.   What sizes are available?

  -We have a large selection of dies in various shapes available.  If we don`t 
    have your size, we will order and bill you at our cost.  Lead time on 
    a new die is approximately two weeks. 
6.   What is the largest label you can produce?

    -Approximately 10" wide and 24" long 
7.   What does rewind or unwind direction mean?

  -Simply put, it`s how the label comes off the finished roll.   Labels may come off 
    a roll wound out (with the label visible on the outside of the roll) or wound in 
    (with the label hidden from view.)  The direction of the label printing also 
    must be considered. 
  For hand-application, this isn`t as important.  But for machine-application, the 
  correct unwind positioning is critical. 
8.   What do printing plates cost?

  -Printing plates are a one-time charge (for the initial order) and cost $50 
    per spot color needed to produce the label. 
  Plates for color process work are $65 each. 
9.   Can I see the label before you print?  

  -Yes, a final proof is provided for approval prior to producing the label. 
    Your satisfaction with the product is unconditionally guaranteed. 
10.   How long have you been in business?  

  -Since 1993. 
11.   What are your credit terms?   

   -Credit terms for approved customers are Net 30 Days.   Prior to credit approval, orders are 
     payable by credit card (MasterCard or Visa). 
    You may download our credit application here.________________________ 
12.   Do you accept credit cards?  

   -Yes, MasterCard and Visa.